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Your total package marketing program is not just about the advertising you use to generate the leads. It truly is anything and everything to do with a prospect and customer interaction that helps get these individuals through the sales process. Marketing is defined as the total sum of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling. You see, you can have the best advertising in the world, but if you do not have a great marketing plan, you will not sell many vehicles. All managers involvement is key to the success of the sale.

At most dealerships, the customer starts with a salesperson and is turned over to a manager or closer if needed. The manager has no relationship with the customer when it is time to help with a close. This makes it more difficult to ask the customer for more money down, longer terms, or higher payments.

With the Reverse T-O (Reverse Turn-Over), the process becomes much smoother, and the likelihood of a sale is greatly increased. The goal is to have the customer interact with the managers early and often. All appointments are set with one of the managers. If a salesperson finds a walk-in on the lot, the prospect is introduced to a manager as early as possible. The manager then explains the sales process to the prospect and makes them feel comfortable with the dealership. The manager asks the prospect to allow the salesperson to take a credit application. This gives them the opportunity to know what they are dealing with early in the game. ( See the article on improving sales )

When it comes time to finalize the deal, the managers can easily step back in to help with the close. This final step is made much easier since the customer is already comfortable with the manager. The final result is a much higher percentage of vehicles delivered to appointments and walk-in traffic.

The Reverse T-O not only improves sales by giving your sales team tangible support through each and every sale but also increases customer satisfaction as you handle each and every sale with a personal touch. This can boost future sales as well since your referral program is only as strong as your last happy customer!