Have you discovered email marketing, and are you curious how you can use it to grow your business? Well, you're in the right place. Next, we will discover what email marketing is and why we find it so lovely at Credit Mail Experts.

We'll see how to grow an email list, how we can double the rate of email openings, and what direct mailing platforms to use. We do not end without discovering some pros & cons and email marketing strategies to help us improve our results. Prepared? Let's go!

What is auto loan direct mailing?

Simply put, direct mailing is a direct marketing channel through which we keep in touch with an audience and move it from the stage of potential customer to current customer with the help of email communication. Why should you care about email marketing? If you are somewhat interested in social media marketing, you are already used to how things work.

A new social media platform appears, more and more people create an account, then marketers join them. At first, they have extraordinary results with minimal costs. But then, slowly, slowly, they start to decrease until you get into situations, as is the case today on Facebook, when only 3% of those who liked your page see your posts on average.

The truth is that in social media marketing and other marketing strategies, we do not have control over communication with the audience. No matter how well things got, we still depend on the changes within these platforms. This is not the case with email marketing. The main advantage of this communication channel is that you have control over the relationship with the audience.

No CEO can come and tell you that if you want to reach your audience, you have to pay extra. Even if you make a change from one email platform to another, the database with email addresses is still yours, and you can continue your work without much trouble.

If you want to switch from Facebook to Snapchat, but… Beyond the fact that we have control over communication with the audience, direct mailing has other advantages:
a) It can be automated. It is the dream of any entrepreneur or marketer to have an automatic machine that generates sales. Email marketing is the closest tool to perfection to achieve this, and we will see below how we can do it.
b) You have low costs. Marketing platforms are much cheaper compared to other marketing methods. Their fees range from zero to a few hundred dollars a month, depending on how many subscribers.
c) Very effective in increasing sales. Email marketing is among the best online marketing tools to convert potential customers. Especially at the bottom of the sales funnel, there are few better ways to turn potential customers into paying customers.

The main application of auto loan direct mailing

Converts a visitor who has abandoned the shopping cart

On average, 69.23% of store visitors will add a product to the cart and then leave without buying. In other words, 7 out of 10 people are very close to buying from you, and yet they leave the website without doing so. Just imagine how many resources it took to show an ad to the target audience, and a tiny percentage of them reached the site and then even added the product to the cart.

This is where email marketing comes into play. Most tools allow you to automatically send an email to website visitors who have added a product to their cart but have not purchased it.

Bring people back to your store.

It is ten times cheaper to sell again to an existing customer than to a new one. The same is true of website visits. Once a person has arrived on your site, if they had a pleasant experience, they will come back very quickly a second time. It's just that, unfortunately, we often don't have the necessary channels to communicate with this visitor again. We can post a new article on our Facebook page, but there is little chance that it will see them because of the algorithm. If it came to us through search engines, we depend on the fact that our website will be among the first results if he searches for a term again. But if we gather a database of emails, every time we publish a new article, we can have several hundred or even thousands of visitors on this page within minutes or hours.

Build relationships with your target audience

Starting from the fact that we have much better control over the communication with our audience, we can better control the messages that reach it. As I said above, we post something on Facebook, and we hope that the interested target audience will see the message. However, on mail, we can think of a series of emails that allow us to tell our story in front of the target audience. We are much more likely for people to read our messages in the order we want.