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Subprime Auto Leads Program

Credit Mail Experts Subprime Direct Response Programs

The Credit Mail Experts DRIVETODAY CARD™  subprime auto lead program targets sub-prime consumers using a unique group of criteria to help you get in front of those that have a higher probability of being financed by your sub-prime finance sources.

Active Shopper Trigger Programs

Everyday subprime and near-prime customers are walking into the wrong dealerships who are poorly prepared to handle these customers. Our Active Subprime and Near - Prime Shopper programs can direct those customers to your dealership, the next day.

Fresh Bankruptcy Programs

Credit Mail Experts Bankruptcy Programs

Most direct mail companies love to do bulk bankruptcy mail.They force you to mail thousands of bankruptcies at one time. It does not make sense! In most areas, there are hundreds of recent filings and discharges, not thousands. 




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Denny Long invented subprime direct response marketing over 30 years ago. In fact, he was the inventor of the first Bankruptcy program in the US.

Direct Response Marketing has been called many names in that time such as subprime mail, subprime auto leads and direct mail but he has used his years of data analytics to hone in on the right characteristics that make people respond.

Better Response = More Customers = More Sales

About Us

Get To The Right Customer At The Right Time

Our ability to target your subprime auto customers at the exact right time with the exact right message is unmatched in the industry. Whether the customer is a franchise new car dealer, used car independent dealer or a buy here pay here lot customer, our data will find them. Our products not only have a great response rate but creates genuine interest and buying “intent,” not just subprime auto leads That is why our products perform with such a high rate of return.

Live Operators featuring Warm Transfer

Our US-based live call center creates the best environment for converting calls to sales.They keep the subprime credit customer off your website and out of your inventory. Once the customer gets transferred to you, they are primed and ready for the appointment. If you have a fresh start program, auto refinancing program or just a special finance department, our live operators will warm transfer that customers to your dealership. That way you will get a much higher conversation rates and ROI’s 3 to 10 times other companies.

All Subprime Auto Leads Are Not Equal

Our DriveToday Card® comes in a special peek-a-boo envelope, and our exclusive DRIVETODAY CARD® plastic card with the customer’s name embossed on it that is guaranteed to get opened. The data we use is the same type of data many subprime auto lenders use to make their approval decisions. We can look at credit traits such as subprime auto loans, and time in the bureau. Our “secret sauce” and ability to use multiple bureaus give us an advantage over our competitors that may only use one.

About Credit Mail Experts

denny-longDenny Long’s Credit Mail Experts is a direct marketing company dedicated solely to the subprime and special finance world.

We specialize in creating and producing the best subprime direct response marketing programs available. Our company is truly made up of some of the top experts in the subprime automotive industry.

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