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CLOSE 50% = $63,000 GROSS PROFIT

Our Average Dealer Closes 50% of the BK leads they receive at a $2,500 Average Gross Profit








CLOSE 20% = $80,000 GROSS PROFIT

Our Average Dealer Closes 20% of the Credit Based leads they receive at a $2,000 Average Gross Profit








CLOSE 30% = $90,000 GROSS PROFIT

Our Average Dealer Closes 30% of the Active Shopper leads they receive at a $2,000 Average Gross Profit

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Daily Active Shopper Trigger Mail Programs

Do you know who shopped at your competitors yesterday? We do!
Every day, subprime customers are walking into the wrong dealerships not properly equipped to service this customer. .With our Daily Active Subprime Shopper program, we can reach these prospects for your dealership. Unlike Credit Mail, these customers are already ” off the couch” and out shopping at your competitors.The customer is “triggered” when they have their credit pulled at a dealership in your market area. We know that these prospects are actively shopping for a vehicle. It’s like have a spy in your competitor’s dealership.

Subprime Auto Credit Leads

Nearly a third of Americans have a credit score lower than 601 — the distinction between bad and fair credit — according to credit bureau Experian. For many, it hasn’t been so bad that they’ve had to file bankruptcy, but knowing they have less than perfect credit, they aren’t out shopping for a vehicle. To bring that customer into your dealership, you need to reach out to them directly. Credit Mail is the perfect program to bring those consumers to your dealership with the best subprime auto credit leads in the industry.Targeting the right consumers at the right time is smart marketing and that’s how we generate the sky-high results you will see week after week.

Our Complete Bankruptcy Programs

The professionals at Credit Mail Experts have been marketing to bankrupt consumers for over 27 years.Our Fresh Filed and Fresh Discharged programs get you in front of those customers just at the right time  If you’re looking for the absolute best bankruptcy program available, you’ve found it!

Credit Predictor Program

Targeting subprime consumers using a unique group of demographic criteria, we help our dealers get in front of those missed by traditional credit bureau marketing. This program allows you to target the deep subprime segment that will likely be missed using credit data alone. Because we create credit predictor programs that are customized to each dealer, we can accommodate you with pieces numbering from 500 to 500,000.

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“We spent a little over $2,400 our first month with Credit Mail Experts for their Fresh Chapter 7 Bankruptcy program. We made over $30,000 in gross profit from the sales made to the leads generated that month. That’s a great return on investment! Do we reorder every month? Absolutely!”

Saunny Gamble
Special Finance Manager

Denny Long invented targeted subprime credit mail marketing over 30 years ago. In fact, he was the inventor of the first Bankruptcy program in the US.

Credit Mail has been called many names in that time such as subprime mail, subprime auto leads and direct mail but he has used his years of data analytics to hone in on the right characteristics that make people respond.

Better Response = More Customers = More Sales

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Subprime Consumers Waiting to Hear From you

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About Credit Mail Experts


denny-longDenny Long’s Credit Mail Experts is a direct marketing company dedicated solely to the subprime and special finance world.
We specialize in creating and producing the best subprime direct response marketing programs available. Our company is truly made up of some of the top experts in the subprime automotive industry Our subprime auto credit leads program pair well with Westlake Financial, United Auto Credit and Credit Acceptance. Our Fresh Bankruptcy programs were designed with Prestige Financial, Tidewater Motor Credit , AVID Acceptance and First Investors in mind.

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