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By responding to the offer on our the proprietary direct response piece, this prospect has shown their intent to buy a car. Responding prospects are transferred directly to the dealership while on the phone with our call center. The phone numbers always work because the customers call us.


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Designed for sub-prime and BHPH dealers!

We use specific demographic targeting to reach each household. This information is pulled from years of research and data analysis. We predict the prospect’s target credit range using many, many attributes from multiple data sources.

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Active Shopper

Subprime or near prime consumers with a credit inquiry for an auto loan.

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Credit Mail Experts Bankruptcy Programs

The best performing Bankruptcy lead programs in the industry.

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Remember, all our programs are complete programs.

You’ll never have to buy a list, make a label, print a letter, stuff an envelope or lick a stamp. Because we sell only products we created, we understand them better than any third-party brokers could. We know these products because we invented these products. These are unmatched, cutting-edge subprime products and that’s why they produce the highest response rates in our industry.