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The Credit Mail Experts DRIVETODAY CARD™  Auto Credit Program targets sub-prime consumers using a unique group of criteria to help you get in front of those that have a higher probability of being financed by your sub-prime finance sources.

We mail the customer a letter by First Class mail, not 3rd class like our competitors. Our personally embossed plastic card with the “peek-a-boo” window and invitation letter creates a high opening rate.

In each credit mail piece, we use two different “calls to action.” Each direct mail marketing piece offers an 800 number backed by a live call center, as well as our web response site DRIVETODAYCARD.COM. This direct mail marketing tactic results in a response rate that is typically 2 to 10 times the nation average.

By responding to the offer in the credit mail piece, this customer has shown the “intent” to buy a car, unlike the internet lead that wants to refinance their car or get a loan for the neighbor’s car. The phone numbers always work because the customers call us.

Our credit mail programs work well with the top lenders. Here is a list of ones you may want to consider.

1st Investors Financial Services
AFS Acceptance LLC
Autotrakk ( Subprime Leasing)
AVID Acceptance
Capital One Auto Finance
CAR Financial Services, Inc.
Credit Acceptance Corp. (CAC)
Gateway Financial Solutions
MUSA ( Subprime Leasing)
Prestige Financial Services
Regional Acceptance
Santander Consumer USA
Southern Auto Finance
Tidewater Financial
United Acceptance Inc

United Auto Credit
Wells Fargo
Westlake Financial

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The #1 data-driven targeted sub-prime credit mail program in the industry!

According to recent statistics, 21% of consumers have sub-prime credit. For many, it hasn’t been so bad that they’ve had to file bankruptcy, but knowing they have less than perfect credit, they aren’t out shopping for a vehicle. To bring that customer into your dealership, you need to reach out to them directly.

Remember -- all our programs are complete programs.

You'll never have to buy a list, make a label, print a letter, stuff an envelope or lick a stamp. Because we sell only products we created, we understand them better than any third-party brokers could. We know these products because we invented these products. These are unmatched, cutting-edge subprime products and that's why they produce the highest response rates in our industry.

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