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It helps that our products never fail, but a big part of our success is due to the direct mail experts who drive Credit Mail Experts.

As a result of their dedication, we retain over 98% of our customers, with no contracts.  We believe this speaks volumes about our service and our experts.

Direct Mail Experts Denny Long

Denny Long | President & Head Credit Mail Expert

One of the most recognized automotive direct mail experts in the country.

Direct mail experts with more than 30 years of experience are a rare breed. Denny Long is among them. He has created the most innovative marketing tools in the automotive industry for some of the most well-known names in the industry. Denny is a sought-after contributor to industry magazines and trade shows across North America. As lead writer for Special Finance Magazine for 15 years, he has watched the subprime market blossom and took note. Due to his extensive knowledge of analytics, computer programming, and direct mail marketing, he built the most sophisticated and successful analysis tools in our industry. Because of his emphasis on the subprime and BHPH industries, he is able to produce results like no one else.

Denny invented and perfected our in-house market analysis tools. These exclusive tools are specifically designed to deliver maximum R.O.I. for our dealer partners.

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Ben Misra | Executive Vice President 

Ben has been immersed in the automotive retail industry for more than 30 years.

Ben’s extensive experience includes roles with finance companies, as well as franchise and independent dealerships. As far back as 1981, he developed the first consumer risk-scoring model; a model that is still being used today. He has also developed systems for mitigating risk at companies such as GE Capital, Key Finance, Allstate, and Northern Trust Bank. Ben has held every dealership position from washing cars to general manager. During his time in various dealerships, he was instrumental in developing systems for some of the largest subprime dealers in the country.

If you are working in special finance in the automotive industry today, you should give Ben a call. He speaks your language.

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Kirt Thayer | Vice President of Sales



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