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Open Chapter 13 Bankruptcies produce viable prospects at the highest response rates.

The same lenders that work with Fresh Filed Chap 7 Bankruptcies also have programs for Open Chapter 13 Bankruptcies. The ideal target date range is 12- 36 months after filing. This group responds at the highest rate. These prospects are likely looking for an upgrade and will be very excited to find a solution. This program produces a sky-high high closing rate.

Remember -- all our programs are complete programs.

You'll never have to buy a list, make a label, print a letter, stuff an envelope or lick a stamp. Because we sell only products we created, we understand them better than any third-party brokers could. We know these products because we invented these products. These are unmatched, cutting-edge subprime products and that's why they produce the highest response rates in our industry.


The best performing Bankruptcy lead programs in the industry.

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Active Shopper Credit Based Trigger Programs

Subprime or near prime consumers already shopping your competition.

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Direct Response Subprime Lead Programs

Subprime direct response marketing targeted to consumers credit score.

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