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If your marketing efforts fail to capture the right prospects at the right time, trigger mail may be the solution you need. If you are not using targeted mailing lists, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach interested buyers promptly.

Capitalize on opportunities to pique the interest of prospects already primed for purchasing. Our targeted mailing lists are generated when potential customers apply for credit. Our active shopper program enables your business to present consumers with the best options for their current buying needs.

Recipients receive trigger mail of the highest quality. Window envelopes filled with first-class letters and attractive cards embossed with prospects’ names stand out among the nondescript, random offerings cluttering most mailboxes. Targeted mailing lists supply names and contact information when a prospect’s credit inquiry triggers an offer. Unlike most trigger mail programs, which only use one credit bureau, Credit Mail Experts works with multiple bureaus to give you the highest return on your investment.


Our trigger mail provides your prospective customers with two response options. Prospects from our targeted mailing lists can use the toll-free number to contact our call center or respond via our secure website. Also, our call center reps contact each prospect by phone. We comply with FCRA Do Not Call list restrictions.

You will receive hot leads via e-mail within seconds of receipt of the application. We also work with most CRM systems. With an average response rate of over 10 percent, you can expect plenty of leads from our targeted mailing lists. Few trigger mail programs provide such a high rate of return. If you have ever been concerned that your prospect does not actually receive the mailings you are paying for, rest easy; we can provide proof of each piece of trigger mail.

At Credit Mail Experts, we take care of the legwork, so you do not have to. You and your staff can focus on what you do best while we provide targeted mailing lists, contact prospects via two reliable methods and send your company hot leads immediately. Count on us for industry-leading trigger mail and follow-up techniques that result in some of the highest response rates around.