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Subprime consumers make up a small, but profitable portion of the in-the-market automotive shopper. Statistics show that only 21.9% of the population had a credit score between 300 and 599 in 2015 according to FICO. Only 3% of the population will buy a vehicle in a typical month. If only 21.9% of those that will purchase a vehicle this month are subprime then just 0.66% of the entire population is a subprime buyer that will purchase a vehicle in each month. This means that 99.34% of a dealership’s money spent
on mass advertising targeting the subprime consumer is WASTED!

Don’t Hurt Your Valuable Reputation!

Marketing to the subprime consumer in mass advertising can also hurt the dealer’s reputation with the prime credit consumer. If a dealer is constantly screaming on the radio or television that they can help anyone get financing, the prime consumer is not going to want that dealer’s bumper sticker or license plate frame on their vehicle for fear that people will assume they have bad credit. With direct marketing, you can target just the subprime consumers that need your help and the prime credit consumers will never see this message.

Some Consumers Can Only Be Reached Using Direct Marketing

You can’t use social media or mass media to target consumers based on their credit score, that they are actively shopping for a vehicle, or if they have recently experienced a bankruptcy.

You Need the Right Ingredients to Sell More Cars to Subprime Consumers

We’ve put together complete programs with all the right ingredients to help you sell more cars to subprime consumers. Some other programs make you do all the work. Our programs are complete and include everything needed to get the highest response rates creating quality subprime consumer leads.

Our Exclusive DriveToday Card

This card is the same size and weight of a normal credit card, and it’s embossed with the prospect’s name and a unique card number. It’s guaranteed to get the consumer’s attention and get the envelope opened.

The Peek-A-Boo Double Window Envelope

This envelope has two windows. On the left is the normal window where the name and address show through for postal delivery. On the right is the powerful Peek-A-Boo Window. This window shows the consumer their name embossed on the enclosed DriveToday Card.

The High-Impact DriveToday Card Letters

This letter gets results! We use the right words to get the prospect excited about getting into a new vehicle. We make it ridiculously easy for them, and that gets results. To increase your contact rates even more, we send a second letter to every respondent. You may find that this second letter alone generates enough extra sales to pay for the entire program!

Live Call Centers

Other programs use a computerized answering system. Studies show that up to 50% of consumers will hang up when they realize they aren’t speaking to a person. Most consumer calls responding to our offers are answered by live, highly-trained operators, making our hang-up rate almost zero.

Warm Transfers

Statistics show that most dealers will only be able to contact 30-50% of their leads. That’s why we created Warm Transfer. Once we have gathered the lead information, we transfer the call straight to the dealership. This greatly increases contacted rates. Plus, we offer lots of great training materials and free phone training for your employees to help you sell more cars.

Outbound Calls

Our Daily Active Shopper Programs include an outbound call made professionally and in a timely manner. We own and manage our own Call Center for just this reason. We know the metrics that create success and watch them closely to help sell more vehicles.

Secure Activation Website

For those who prefer to activate their DriveToday Card online, we make the process extraordinarily simple and mobile friendly.