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Make Your Trigger Mail Count

There is a monster out there. It is the troll under the digital bridge that leads to your potential client’s inbox, and it is hungry for your marketing materials. Newsletter software has become smart, but so has the anti-spam software. It is very adept at identifying unwanted email and terabytes of valuable marketing is lost in the mix.

Escape the clutches of the spam blocker with real mail that bypasses anti-spam filters and gets opened. A trigger mail campaign applies new technologies to classic marketing. The result is effective to direct mail that potential clients want to open. In fact, they open our letters almost every time. This results in a response rate of more than 10%!

There is a great deal of noise out there. This is a big term in advertising, and breaking through it is the subject of many expensive debates. Our solution is a classic strategy that combats this modern roadblock. Put it to use as part of your next mail marketing campaign and see the difference trigger mail it makes.

One of the ways we achieve these results is by using more than one bureau. Our competitors only use one. This helps our mailing list stand head and shoulders above other direct mail campaigns. Of course, our mailers are compelling and interactive, giving clients the option to respond via toll-free call with a real person or our secure website.

Even though our direct trigger mail system avoids the spam filter, it does not forego technology. We transmit every valuable lead to you via e-mail immediately after receiving an application. This puts you in direct contact with qualified consumers—your potential customers. If you prefer, your leads can be sent directly to CRM systems, as well.

To ensure our and your company’s good name, our direct trigger mail campaigns and call center adhere to all “Do Not Call” requirements. This is just another way we answer the question: What is spam, and how do we manage it? It is also a way we protect our marketing materials  from anti-spam software.

Direct Mail Marketing For Auto Dealers

Does your auto dealership cater to customers with bankruptcies or repossessions in their past? If so, it is important to develop a marketing strategy that efficiently targets this niche. Many people in this category believe that affordable car loans remain unavailable to them, so they tend to disregard automotive ads on the TV and radio.

A more cost-effective option is to use direct mail marketing. It enables you to tell specific people that they qualify for auto financing at your dealership. You can easily change the channel or delete an email message without opening it, but it is hard to ignore an eye-catching paper advertisement in your mailbox.

Targeted Direct Mail vs Mass Mailings – Mass mailings have the same problem as radio and television. You must pay to reach a broad audience, but the ads only appeal to people with low credit scores. Fortunately, you can boost response rates and save money by using targeted mailings. Your message will only reach potential customers with the desired characteristics.

Auto dealers often see impressive results when they switch to targeted direct mail marketing. Automotive News reports that one dealership in Ohio cut the size of its mailings in half and quadrupled the response rate. Many businesses have increased spending on targeted mail because it lets them customize special offers for specific readers.

Credit-based subprime leads uses credit records and demographic data to identify potential customers. For example, you might choose to market a certain car loan to anyone who recently filed for bankruptcy. You can also send mailings to drivers with low credit scores or people who lost cars to repossession during the past year.

Other Marketing Factors  Well-targeted ads do not guarantee high response rates. To attract customers with direct mail marketing, you need appealing ads and desirable offers. A toll-free number also helps, especially if people can call at convenient hours. It has been shown that some readers become more responsive when mailings include website addresses or alternate contact information.

Our company offers a proven advertising solution that reliably enhances response rates. We handle every aspect of the direct mail marketing program, so you do not have to worry about writing ads or mailing letters. Credit Mail Experts can customize a campaign to suit your dealership’s advertising budget, geographic area, and target market.

  • No need to print, stamp or mail your ads
  • Customers dial our toll-free phone number
  • Our call center forwards promising leads

Undeniable Value of Trigger Mail

If your marketing efforts fail to capture the right prospects at the right time, trigger mail may be the solution you need. If you are not using targeted mailing lists, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach interested buyers promptly.

Capitalize on opportunities to pique the interest of prospects already primed for purchasing. Our targeted mailing lists are generated when potential customers apply for credit. Our active shopper program enables your business to present consumers with the best options for their current buying needs.

Recipients receive trigger mail of the highest quality. Window envelopes filled with first-class letters and attractive cards embossed with prospects’ names stand out among the nondescript, random offerings cluttering most mailboxes. Targeted mailing lists supply names and contact information when a prospect’s credit inquiry triggers an offer. Unlike most trigger mail programs, which only use one credit bureau, Credit Mail Experts works with multiple bureaus to give you the highest return on your investment.


Our trigger mail provides your prospective customers with two response options. Prospects from our targeted mailing lists can use the toll-free number to contact our call center or respond via our secure website. Also, our call center reps contact each prospect by phone. We comply with FCRA Do Not Call list restrictions.

You will receive hot leads via e-mail within seconds of receipt of the application. We also work with most CRM systems. With an average response rate of over 10 percent, you can expect plenty of leads from our targeted mailing lists. Few trigger mail programs provide such a high rate of return. If you have ever been concerned that your prospect does not actually receive the mailings you are paying for, rest easy; we can provide proof of each piece of trigger mail.

At Credit Mail Experts, we take care of the legwork, so you do not have to. You and your staff can focus on what you do best while we provide targeted mailing lists, contact prospects via two reliable methods and send your company hot leads immediately. Count on us for industry-leading trigger mail and follow-up techniques that result in some of the highest response rates around.

CME Is Hiring

What is the Career Opportunity?

The Dealer Relationship Manager (DRM) is responsible for the marketing and sales of the company’s targeted direct mail programs in their specific market, made up exclusively of franchise, independent and Buy Here Pay Here dealerships. Their main purpose will be presentation and sales of our cutting-edge products. This will include, but not be limited to, day-to-day managing of dealer accounts, assisting in training,and providing professional experience to help the dealer achieve success with the products they have purchased, and providing best-in-class customer service and acting as a liaison between their dealerships and Credit Mail Experts.

Typical Workday: Daily management of dealer accounts through physical visits, phone calls, emails, faxes and follow up. Provide best-in-class customer service through daily interaction with all internal and external associates and dealer partners. Establish and cultivate relationships with dealership personnel and provide training on all CME programs. Also:

  • Conducting sales and finance presentations to demonstrate the use of company products. Correctly utilize and update all reporting and sales tools, including the sales management tools;
  • Supporting all corporate internal departments that interact with the dealerships;
  • Monthly goal setting and reporting to VP regarding progress and issues in the market, and monthly one-on-one meetings with VP regarding market trends and game planning for future sales growth;
  • Attending and participating during meetings and conference calls;
  • Marketing promotional campaigns and dealer incentives;
  • Successfully completing additional initiatives and meeting VP expectations.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree preferred, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Minimum 2 years of experience in automotive outside account management. Previous direct mail or subprime finance experience a plus. Direct experience demonstrating best-in-class customer service and relationship-building skills. Excellent written and verbal communication and negotiation skills. Strong presentation and public speaking skills are a must.

Benefits: Salary, expense allowance plus uncapped commissions. Medical, vacation, and 401K.

Ben Misra | V.P. Business Development

Ben's extensive experience includes roles with finance companies, as well as franchise and independent dealerships. Ben has held every dealership position from washing cars to general manager. During his time in various dealerships, he was instrumental in developing systems for some of the largest subprime dealers in the country.