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Most direct mail companies love to do bulk bankruptcy mail.They force you to mail thousands of bankruptcies at one time. It does not make sense! In most areas, there are hundreds of recent filings and discharges, not thousands. A recently filed or discharged bankruptcy is a Micro Target – meaning small and highly effective target market. With the Micro Target initiative from Credit Mail Experts, you make a small investment and receive a big return.Our programs are better because they are micro targeted to a specific market unlike many of our competitors that “shotgun” everywhere. These are great programs if you have Prestige Financial, Tidewater Finance, or AFS Financial

We come from the special finance business  and we want your business. That is why we are willing to mail only the newly discharged bankruptcy prospects each week in your exclusive market – even if it is just one consumer! Moreover, we are not just talking about some cheap mail piece. We mail our highly effective DRIVETODAY CARD™  exclusively for discharged bankruptcy clients in your market.

We also  know how to hit just the right people at just the right time. Credit Mail Experts knows how to maximize your marketing investment.

For the best results, try combining this program with our other great bankruptcy programs and capture all these great customers.


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The truth is that there are only a certain amount of these rare, but profitable customers to go around. Because of that, we offer much lower minimum orders on our bankruptcy mail programs. As a result, you get better responses and that means more customers. More customers mean more sales.

Our BK programs generate more subprime leads than any other. That’s because we’ve worked with the top lenders and top dealers in the country to perfect the processes and systems that maximize results for our Bankruptcy programs to our dealer partners.

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Subprime or near prime consumers with a credit inquiry for an auto loan.

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Credit Mail Experts Subprime Direct Response Programs

Subprime credit mail and credit predictors targeted to consumers’ credit score.

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