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It's like having a spy in your competitor's showroom!

Trigger Mail
Do you know who is shopping your competitor right now?

We Do!

Every day subprime and near-prime customers are walking into the wrong dealerships. With our Active Subprime and Active Near-prime programs, you can reach these prospects. Because our process is triggered when your targeted prospect has their credit pulled at a dealership in your area, we know with certainty that these prospects are actively the market for a vehicle.

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  • We use multiple bureaus – most trigger mail programs only use one.
  • Our Call Center contacts every prospect, generating additional responses.
  • These targeted mailing pieces give your prospects the option of our Toll-Free Live Call Center or our secure web site.
  • No stuffing envelopes; we do all of the work for you!
  • All HOT Leads are delivered to your email or CRM within seconds.
  • Our average response rate is over 10%!

Only available to one dealer per market!

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Only available to one dealer per market!

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